Installation and maintenance


We erect fences and gates in accordance with the customer’s wishes on the turnkey principle. Our professional and experienced fitters can work on even the most challenging sites. Seamless cooperation between the fitters and the factory also enables individual wishes to be implemented with a high standard of quality. A correctly built fence blends into its surroundings well. We grant a two-year guarantee for installation work conducted by Saher-Aidat Oy and our subcontractors.

Installation and maintenance

Our fence installations include the following:

  • Installing ground anchors and posts and/or
  • Digging casting pits and casting posts directly into pits and/or
  • Drilling rock and installing anchors
  • Installing the fence mesh and/or fence modules

Our gate installations include the following:

  • Excavating foundation pits
  • Casting foundations and/or gate posts
  • Installing the gate
  • Installing the mechanical features of the gate machinery and making electrical connections

Customer’s obligations:

  • Obtaining a construction permit
  • Marking the location of the fence line and gate
  • Providing elevation points
  • Levelling, clearing and filling the fence line and gate area
  • Marking electrical, fibre and telephone cables, as well as wastewater, gas and other pipes
  • Repairing asphalt, grass and other areas after the work is complete and disposing of excavated waste
  • Receiving and storing supplies

For mechanical gates, the customer’s obligations also include the following:

  • Providing a power supply and control cables to the gate machinery and connecting them up to the terminal blocks
  • Installing a pipe under the roadway with a cable puller from one cast to another and pulling the control cable through
  • Asphalting the gate area for the installation of safety openings


A durable and functional fence and gate will need maintenance measures to withstand the varying weather conditions in Finland. Regular inspection and maintenance extend the useful lives of fences and gates. Fences that are maintained using the correct methods and original spare parts can remain clean and robust for many years. You can call us out to carry out individual repairs and modifications if necessary. Make an annual maintenance agreement to ensure that your fences and gates remain in flawless condition, both technically and aesthetically. We grant a three-year guarantee for newly installed sites where an annual maintenance agreement has been made instead of the normal two-year guarantee.