Recycling Materials for Reuse

The primary materials in our products are aluminum and steel. During our production processes, there is waste generated, including production waste and packaging materials. Additionally, in office and social facilities, we collect paper for recycling and organic waste. It is important to us that the waste we generate is handled properly, and a significant portion of it can be recycled. We aim to minimize waste generation whenever possible. However, experience has taught us that proper protection of products is essential, and excessive reduction of packaging materials can lead to increased transportation damages. The waste streams separated for collection include energy waste, untreated wood, treated wood, cardboard, clear plastic, colored plastic, organic waste, metals, and paper. Additionally, hazardous waste is collected separately and delivered for appropriate treatment.

Producer responsibility is a legal obligation under waste legislation, and we have fulfilled this obligation for many years through Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy in Finland. Producer responsibility applies to companies that package their products in Finland or import packaged products. Responsible producers are obligated to arrange for the waste management of their product packaging, covering collection, transportation, recycling, or other utilization, and bear the associated costs. Rinki ensures that there is a nationwide collection network for the packaging we use, and they are delivered for proper recycling.

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