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Saher-Aidat’s gates are robust and reliable. They are suitable for even the most demanding environments. All of our gates are custom-made from aluminium, and our standard models have woven mesh in-fills. If a more stylish appearance is required, the gate’s in-fill can be made from welded three-wire mesh or vertical slats. The gate’s size and methods for locking and using the gate correspond to valid legislation and regulations and are designed in collaboration with the customer. All of our gate models can also be supplied for construction-site use, so the delivery includes ready-made foundations.

Sliding Gate

Our robust and durable side-sliding gate is intended for daily use by car and lorry traffic. The sliding gate can be made in one or two parts, and the maximum width of the opening is up to 18 metres. Gates can be manually operated or mechanised, and they can be operated by mobile phone or connected to the property’s access control system. Our sliding gate is CE-marked.

The instructions for the use and maintenance of the sliding gate; click here.

sliding gate

Hinged Gate

The hinged gate, intended for use as a service gate, is a two-leaf swinging gate. The gate can be also be made with a single leaf if required. The hinged gate is equipped with ground latches and padlock fittings, but the gate can also be mechanised. Our hinged gate is CE-marked.

The instructions for the use and maintenance of the hinged gate; click here.

hinged gate

Access Gate

The access gate, intended for pedestrians, can be equipped with a mechanical lock frame or a motorised lock frame. Low gates that do not need to be kept locked usually use a combination of lifting and transfer latches. The standard width of the gate is one metre, but other widths can be made by agreement.

access gate


Barriers, intended for directing traffic, include lifting barriers, sliding barriers and swinging barriers. Lifting and sliding barriers can be mechanised. Swinging barriers are typically used on roads leading to country cabins, for example.



Our turnstile is a quiet and safe mechanised gate that is suitable for access control. The turnstile’s structure allows only one person through at a time and the turnstile can be used bidirectionally. A turnstile model that allows bicycles through is also available.


Gate mechanisation is supplied by:

AM Security

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Contact us to find more

We are a pioneer in fence technology with over 30 years of experience, so make the most of our expertise. We are happy to help you design your gate and choose the right gate type. We can also help you with technical matters.

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