We use recycled aluminum in our products

Aluminum is one of the most useful and versatile metals. It is flexible, durable, lightweight, and does not rust. Additionally, aluminum can be recycled almost indefinitely without affecting its properties. These characteristics make aluminum an ideal choice for a variety of products, including our fence and gate products.

Since 2023, we have transitioned to using recycled aluminum alongside primary aluminum. The properties of recycled aluminum match those of primary aluminum, but its environmental impact is significantly lower. Our primary supplier of recycled aluminum is Mäkelä Alu Ltd. The greenhouse gas emissions of Mäkelä Alu's recycled aluminum product, Alupure, are only one-third of the emissions produced by primary aluminum manufactured in Europe. Alupure is made from recycled aluminum, sourced from Mäkelä Alu's production by-products, as well as aluminum scrap returned by processing companies and customers.

When selecting suppliers, we pay attention to their corporate responsibility and climate actions. Mäkelä Alu is an ISO-certified company that continually strives to reduce its climate impact. Read more about Alupure:

The raw materials of our products contribute significantly to our carbon footprint. By using recycled aluminum, we can substantially reduce our carbon emissions. Choosing recycled aluminum allows us to produce high-quality products with a smaller environmental footprint.